The latest trend in skincare is Glass Skin. Like Cloudless Skin, it’s inspired by K-Beauty products and trends. It may not sound so pretty—all jagged edges—but glass skin actually has a transparent shine, invisible pores and a youthful glow…as if the complexion was made of glass. The look is shiny and super moisturized. It’s about healthy skin with as little makeup as possible. Healthy, beautiful skin? This is a trend we can get behind.

So, how do you get Glass Skin?

While a good foundation and a great illuminating highlighter can help you fake the look, the real deal comes from simply taking good care of your skin. And hydrating. A lot. That’s where the shine comes from: lots of moisture. Skin should also be smooth and bright so exfoliating regularly is key. The face should be thoroughly cleansed daily. And, if you follow multi-step Korean beauty routines, a toner and serum should follow. Then, moisturizer—and lots of it. Of course, doing this once won’t get you glass skin. You’ll start to see results in a week or two.

Want instant Glass Skin?

So, we’re big believers in having a good skincare regime. We’re not suggesting that you pass up a daily routine for a facial that will get you glowing skin in an hour. BUT, if you’d like to get glass skin while properly cleansing and moisturizing your skin, we have the solution. Our new Ultra-Cryo Facial will give you smooth-looking, ultra moisturized skin. The best part? The results improve over the next four days. The Ultra-Cryo Facial includes cleansing, gentle enzyme peel, a cocktail of custom serums, cryotherapy, ultrasound, marine collagen mask and LED light panel plus oxygen infusion. It’s luxurious and painless.

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