Everyone gets blackheads. Even supermodels. And most of us will try just about anything to remove blackheads. Even supermodels. Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor revealed her secret to a clear T-Zone on Snapchat in January: Pepto Bismol. Sure, it’s cheap and has salicylic acid—a known acne-fighter, but it’s meant for troubled tummies, not faces!

“Skincare” and “Hack” aren’t words that should ever be in the same sentence, okay? Stick with researched, safe treatments whenever you’re slathering something on your precious skin. This is your gorgeous face we’re talking about!

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads are dead skin cells and oil trapped in your pores. These aren’t pimples with oil trapped beneath the skin. The pore is open to the air and when the oil oxidizes, it turns black. Blackheads tend to make pores appear larger because, well, they’re visible.

Remove Blackheads The Safe Way
  • Cleanse and exfoliate skin regularly
  • Try skincare products with salicylic acid in them. This ingredient clears pores and loosens dirt. The best products for clearing pores are masks and spot treatments that are meant to be left on the skin, as opposed to a cleanser, which doesn’t sit for long enough to do much good.
  • Use a purifying mask like NuVisio Purifying Mineral Mask, which detoxifies skin and removes impurities.
  • Get a Freeze Facial. Microdermabrasion quite literally sloughs off then sucks the dirt out of pores and the LED light therapy can help prevent future blackheads and breakouts. Plus, with oxygen infusion and cold laser therapy, your pores will appear smaller and your skin will look smoother.

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