We know that squeezing dirt out of your pores can be oh-so-satisfying. Pore extractions are often expected during a facial, but we don’t do them.

Why don’t we do pore extractions?

Simply, your skin is delicate, especially as you get older and lose collagen. While the idea of having perfectly clean pores might seem great now, all that pinching, pushing and pressure can damage and stretch skin tissue and create broken blood vessels. You won’t see this damage right away, so don’t think that if your skin looks okay a few days after an intense facial that no damage was done. The signs are cumulative, like sun damage. Want better skin? Treat it well all the time.

How do we get your pores clean?

Instead of squeezing, we encourage your pores to purge on their own. Our signature Freeze Facial includes steam to open pores and diamond microdermabrasion, which uses gentle suction and exfoliation to clear out pores. The results, along with oxygen infusion, cold laser therapy, and microcurrent, are cleaner, brighter-looking and healthier skin overall. No pinching required.

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